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What Villa Location?

Added: Aug 08, 2011
Category: Accommodation

If you are ploughing through all the villas on this site and do not know where the best place to be is, this may help you.

Obviously if your whole reason for visiting Florida is to go to the theme parks then you may think it is easy – just look for the ones close to Disney. However, more people than ever now want to go to Universals Islands of Adventure to see the Harry Potter attraction. Universal is not near Disney World. Also, Sea World is not close to either of them.

Once you have decided what your priority is, then you can choose your location. If you want to see them all, then you will want to be central to them all. Ask the owner of the villa you prefer to tell you the distances from all the attractions you wish to visit then you should be able to decide what area is closest to them all. Many people think they are all near each other. We also get enquiries from people who want to be near Disney World and the coast. I am afraid that is not possible as Disney in right in the centre of Florida equidistant to both the West and East coasts with the East coast slightly closer. At the moment there are not many (if any) villas near Universal Studios however they do have condominiums or apartments.

If you are looking for a mainly relaxing holiday but wish to visit one park, then best to book a gulf coast villa and spend a night in a motel to visit a park. The closest beach to Orlando is Cocoa Beach which is approximately 60 miles away on the east coast and Tampa bay is approximately 85 miles away on the west coast.

Some enquiries specify Gated Community. A normal gated community will just be an area of new buildings that have a gate but no security guards so are not really any better then a normal community. However I think these enquirers mean that they want a community that has a communal pool, tennis courts and childrens play area.

Most villas on this site are within a 10 to 20 minute drive to Disney World. Also one thing to remember is that once you are into the Disney World area, you may have a further 10 minute drive to get to the park you wish to visit. Disney World is an area of 42 square miles and all their attractions are located in this area, so if you want Animal Kingdom it will be another 10 minutes to get to the Magic Kingdom.

This brings me to another question people ask; “Can I use public transport to get to Disney? ” Well yes you can, but only to the entrance to the whole Disney area. You can not get transport from any of the entrances to the particular park you want. So you will need to drive or take a taxi.

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