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Early Morning at Universal

Added: Nov 09, 2011
Category: Theme Parks - Universal

As with the other parks we find it is always best to arrive as close to opening time as possible, this gives you the advantage on getting on the popular rides while the Parks are still relatively quiet.

You have a choice of how to plan this. Some families decide that as they are likely to wake up really early the first couple of days they choose to do an early start at the Parks then otherwise it is best to wait until you have been there a week and your sleep pattern has sorted itself out.

Remember to check the Park opening times before you go as these very from day to day. On the days we do an early start if we are planning to be there all day we usually get to one of the all u can eat restaurants about 7. 30am then we can be at the Park near opening time. Other times we have a light breakfast at the villa to make an early start and have lunch at the Parks.

Early in the day parking seems much easier and you normally have a shorter walk to the Park. A lot of visitors book their tickets on line but if you have not already done that there are plenty of opportunities to buy them at the ticket booths.

Last time we went we arrived just before 9. 00am and the streets were reasonably quiet and we had a great up front view of the Character bus which comes out when the streets are quiet.

Similarly you get a great photo opportunity at the Simpson’s ride with the characters without having to queue for too long. The Simpson’s attraction can get very busy as the day goes on and I have seen waiting times of an hour and a half but this early in the day you usually only have to wait 10 to 15 minutes. When the ride first started the girls came straight off the ride and immediately ran to queue again this is one of the luxuries of an early start.

Opposite the ride are several benches and as my Mother has a back complaint she usually waits here for us and enjoys the colourful surroundings of the Simpsons. There are refreshment kiosks close by if you need a drink.

When we have finished at the Simpsons we then go straight to Men in Black. You are not allowed to take bags on this ride but you will find free lockers for these to the right of the attraction. They are not always the easiest to operate but there are always attendants close by.

Men in Black is a favourite of my parents with my Father always beating my Mother no matter how hard she tries! Again at this time of the morning the wait is usually no more than 30 minutes which will increase considerably as the morning goes on.

Then straight on to Jaws which still has a short waiting time until about 11. 30aam

If you can do try to make an early start at Universal it is well worth it

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Alexander - Sep-15-2014

All the guest artists on the filnae recorded their piece the night before in front of a live audience. Why do people believe everything they read in tabloid newspapers!!!!!



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