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Red Lobster - seafood restaurants

Added: Jun 15, 2011
Category: Eating Out

Of all of the various restaurant chains in the Orlando area, Red Lobsters are definitely a family favourite. There are several different restaurant locations, all in popular areas, so they are definitely easy to find. The quality of the restaurants has always been very consistent, regardless to which location we have visited.

The restaurants have recently had a makeover which is being rolled out across the whole chain and the decor inside is bright and airy, with a New England coastal theme. This remodel works beautifully and all of the restaurants will be completed by 2014, if you wish to experience it then if you go on to the Red Lobster website you can seek out restaurants that have already remodelled.

When you first go into restaurant, as well as being greeted by a host, you are also greeted with a big tank full of lobsters! For those who wish, you can pick your dinner straight from that tank. This is a very family friendly restaurant and at various occasions a restaurant host has fished out one of the lobsters for our kids to have a look at – great fun and who would have thought you could combine a touch tank and dining experience so elegantly!

Red Lobster are seafood restaurants with a firm emphasis placed on the freshest of ingredients, knowledgeable staff and dishes cooked to perfection. The menu has a great selection of dishes, obviously with plenty of seafood choices, however there are plenty of other choices for the non-seafood types. Seafood, here, encompasses fish as well as seafood and there are always daily fresh specials as well as the menu choices. For the children’s menu there is the usual selection of children’s menu items, however, there are also some more interesting choices for the more adventurous child. The little darlings can perhaps choose petite lobster tail or snow crab legs, a definite bonus is if the like the Deadliest Catch television series.

For more grown up taste treats, one of the favourites has to be a choice from the wood-fired grill options. I am not sure why it is that wood-fired food tastes so good, but it is a simple fact that it does. When that is then combined with high quality, fresh ingredients and expertly cooked, you are guaranteed of a great finished product. Again there are plenty of choices for all tastes from this section of the menu, including lobster, scallops, salmon and shrimp. You could also have wood-fired chicken and steak selections as well.

One of the real treats with any meal at Red Lobster is the Cheddar Bay Biscuits. For anyone not familiar with North American biscuits, they are like scones. These little treats at the beginning of your meal are just so . . . SO more-ish. Just be careful not to fill up on them!

A meal at Red Lobster is definitely a lovely dining out experience. It is not the priciest of places to eat, by any means, and taking into account the overall dining experience it offers fair value for money. In saying that, for us, it is definitely one of the treats of the holiday

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