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The Halifax Museum

Added: Jul 13, 2011
Category: Museums

It is always nice to fit a museum into your vacation agenda but with a bewildering array of Florida museums how to choose one?

Where to start?

Well The Halifax Historical Museum could be a good choice.

The Halifax Historical Society was inaugurated as long ago as 1949 in order to save the history of The Halifax River.

The museum was moved to a former merchant bank building in Downtown Tampa and that is where you will find it today. The building is , in itself, pretty impressive and you should take a few moments to study the exterior The location is the original commercial area on the river front so could hardly be nicer.

This museum is divided into 3 separate categories.

In the permanent exhibits the Timucuans are heavily featured. These were the Native Americans who inhabited this area in Floridas past. You cannot go back in the history of Florida much further than the Native American. There is a lot here to learn about these proud people

Also featured are many items from World War One, World War two, The Civil War and the Spanish/ American War. These include tools and household objects from the Spanish and English eras. This is of especial interest to us Brits.

There is also info on the old resort hotels that marked the advent of Florida as a holiday destination. We sometimes forget that the tourism did not start with ' The Mouse' but was buoyanr a century before he came on the scene.

There are also some examples of hand made surf boards. Anyone who has swum in these waters will know that The Atlantic is a natural for surfers!

There is a ball gown from Abraham Lincolns inaugeration (1861, if you are wondering) This was an era when your presidents and prime ministers did not have to be photogenic to be selected!

There are what seems like thousands of photographs to browse through and nothing captures the essence of times back than a good snap.

The seasonal exhibit during our time over was The H. H. S. M celebration of The Holidays that includes Chanuka and Kwazaa.

Every now and again they hold a special event; for instance, when we were over they had a presentation on The History of Holly Hill. Entrance for this event was $5 and included coffee and danish; pretty good value, huh?

The Halifax Historical Museum
252 South Beach Resort

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Jaycee - Aug-28-2014

Areiclts like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

Rohit - Sep-16-2014

Donovan from Qatar, August 5, 2012 at 5:24 PM Located amongst extsquiie surroundings. Tastefully built near the shore of with superb daytime and nightime views of the lake. From reception to check out staff were excellent. Had a nice feeling while staying here. Great experience. Highly recommended for those seeking a top quality stay with a reasonable price. Hotel has a nice breakfast served on a terrace overlooking the lake. This alone makes the breakfast worthwhile.



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