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Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba

Added: Jan 01, 2012
Category: Night Life

If you want to be amazed, exhilarated and see a breath taking performance with a difference, then this has surely got to be top of your list of thinks to do while in Orlando.

Cirque De Soleil is Acrobatics, Balance, Gymnastic, Juggelling, and humour all rolled into one to make a show of outstanding entertainment.

Performances brought live to stage by artists at the peak of their professions.

Located in its own arena at Downtown Disney, Cirque De Soleil has twice daily performances between Tuesday to Saturday at 6pm and 9pm. On the odd occasion you may find a Sunday performance but you will be able to check when you make your reservation.

We booked four tickets for the show but this only allocates you a place for a performance, it does not allocate you seating or the night you wish to go. You arrange this by following the simple instructions on your coupon ticket which is supplied once you have paid. Simply phone up the box office before you travel and then collect your tickets on your arrival in Orlando up to 1 hour prior to your show time.

There are three sections of seating in a crest shape within the arena, having taken advice from friends we were advised to try and book area 2; the middle section. There are two good reasons for this, No 1; in front of seating area 2 is a walk way which at the beginning of the show is used by the main entertainers, and is not to be missed. Sitting in seating area 1 will hinder your view as you are below the walk way and having to look behind you. Number 2; Seating area 2 and 3 is above the level of the performance were as section 1 is at stage level or just above so you are constantly having to look upwards. The show uses all the available space it can as it takes place in the air as well as on the stage.
I would arrive around 45mins before the performance so that you have plenty of time to enter the arena and purchase the necessary drinks, programmes etc. On the night we were there, the queues outside with 30 minutes to go was rather large, and if you are not seated before the performance start time you will not be allowed to enter the arena area until about 5 minutes after so missing a very entertaining part of the show.

For the avid collector there is plenty of merchandise on offer in the entrance area, items ranging from key rings, DVDs T-Shirts all the way up to duplicate outfits that are worn in the performance, all priced accordingly.

Cirque De Soleil, La Nouba is a performance that will stick in our minds for many years to come, we have already said that we will book again when we next visit Orlando in 2006, we can highly recommend to anybody who may be considering going to watch this spectacular show

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Emily - Aug-28-2014

Now we know who the sebsnile one is here. Great post!



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