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Expedition Everest Ride Guide

Added: Dec 27, 2011
Category: Theme Parks - Universal

This is the newest mountain that Disney has added two Disneyworld and, if it were real, would in fact be the second highest peak in Florida!

The roller coaster has some really unique features about it and consistent with the other major Disney attractions, the theming around this ride is quite simply superb. The imagineers actually visited the Himalayas as part of their research to ensure that the ride would give an authentic experience to guests.

Built around a story of searching on Mount Everest, this Legend of the Forbidden Mountain tells of previous expeditions which have had unexplained findings and events. Throughout the pre-ride queuing area artefacts from previous expeditions and items necessary for expedition trips are displayed in cabinets. The attention to detail is quite simply awesome and it is well worth having a good look at these exhibits as you meander through the queue.

The ride vehicle is a expedition train, with each rider having a separate seat and safety bar. As you head out of the station you go around a couple of turns and then start the main ascent up the mountain, as you go up you pass through an old temple. There are warnings that the mountain that you are now about to go on to is the territory of the yeti, perhaps a little late, but you have been warned!

After the initial climb, you really feel like the ride has begun, and you make your way through a tunnel. As you come out of the tunnel, though, the tracks ahead of you have appear to have been ripped apart and the train comes to a halt. This is then one of the unique features of this ride. As you sit there, wondering what to do, the roller coaster track behind you is actually changing . . . you don’t have too long to wait as the brakes are lifted and the train heads off again . . . backwards! You enter back in to the tunnel and start to travel through the interior of the mountain at speed.

After some travel, the train comes to a halt again and up on the cave wall ahead you see the image of the yeti silhouetted upon the cave wall. The yeti appears to be tearing up even more of the track, you can only begin to wonder what lies ahead. In no time at all, the brakes are off and you are heading off again, this time back going forwards.

This now brings you to the main portion of the ride that you can see from outside, a giant elliptical loop, where you curve down and back up the side of the mountain. You disappear inside another tunnel . . . where will this one take you? . . . do you meet the yeti? . . . will you ever survive the train ride? . . . you really need to ride it to find out.

Expedition Everest is an absolutely fantastic roller coster, a definite family favourite and one that we could ride over and over again. If you do Animal Kingdom, you really must allow time for this ride!dd

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