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Hotel or Villa?

Added: Dec 27, 2011
Category: Accommodation

Are you planning a holiday in Florida, if so what do you choose to stay in, a hotel or villa?.

I am a villa owner so you may think that I am a little biased but I have also stayed in hotels in Florida so will try to be as fair to both as I can outlining the pros and cons for each.

Our hotel adventure started when we arranged to bring our two boys to Florida to experience the “Disney dream”, we stayed in a well known hotel on International Drive and really the hotel was clean and comfortable, one of the things that we didn’t expect was the need to leave the cleaners that are bought in by the hotel daily a tip, every day. One of the problems that we had was when getting up in the morning, the facilities within the room were quite sparce, we couldn’t make a cup of tea, there was only a coffee filter, consequently we either had to get up and go straight out, or I had to drive up International Drive and bring something in, not to much of a problem but gets a little tiresome after a week or so of doing it.

Another problem experienced was that we couldn’t any decent meal in, unless we had a McDonalds or something like that, we would have to eat out and with two young boys who had spent the day at the parks and were tiring, that was sometimes a problem, in fact, we got so fed up with eating out where most of the fair is Fries based, one of our most favorite meals of the whole two week stay was Ritz crackers and Monteray Jack cheese in our room. In addition to this, after several full days at the parks you will find that you need a rest, we found this very difficult to do in a hotel room, you may find different but this is our experience.

It is a fact that the above experience led me to buy our villa and below is our comparison of villa life.

If you choose to rent a villa first of all you will find that it is equipped for both tea and coffee making, it will have cooking utensils so that you can eat in if required, many have their own private pool where you can relax after hectic park days, many have games rooms and all will have the facilities that will make your stay comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. Many have TV’s in all rooms and also offer free internet and telephone calls to most countries, most are situated in communities that are dual residential and short term let, so you will interact with people from all over the world and most estates have communal facilities, ie pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts etc and some of these facilities will be floodlit.

Villa owners try to provide everything that a holiday maker will require from strollers, cribs, cinema sound systems, HD TV’s to Bicycles, free solar pool heating etc, and villas are very competitive with the prices that you will pay for hotel rooms coming in sizes from 3 bed for 6 people, the most popular being 4 bed for 8 people, up to 7 or 8 bed holding up to 16 people.

Next time in Florida give a villa a try you won’t be disappointed

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