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Expedition Margarita Island

Added: Mar 14, 2018
Category: Theme Parks - Universal

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Expedition Everest Ride Guide

Added: Dec 27, 2011
Category: Theme Parks - Universal

This is the newest mountain that Disney has added two Disneyworld and, if it were real, would in fact be the second highest peak in Florida!

The roller coaster has some really unique features about it and consistent with the other major Disney attractions, the theming around this ride is quite simply superb. The imagineers actually visited the Himalayas as part of their research to ensure that the ride would give an authentic experience to guests.

Built around a story of searching on Mount Everest, this Legend of the Forbidden Mountain tells of previous expeditions which have had unexplained findings and events. Throughout the pre-ride queuing area artefacts from...

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Early Morning at Universal

Added: Nov 09, 2011
Category: Theme Parks - Universal

As with the other parks we find it is always best to arrive as close to opening time as possible, this gives you the advantage on getting on the popular rides while the Parks are still relatively quiet.

You have a choice of how to plan this. Some families decide that as they are likely to wake up really early the first couple of days they choose to do an early start at the Parks then otherwise it is best to wait until you have been there a week and your sleep pattern has sorted itself out.

Remember to check the Park opening times before you go as these v...

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Islands of Adventure

Added: Sep 12, 2011
Category: Theme Parks - Universal

Islands of Adventure at Universal, Orlando is in my view the best park in Florida. It was built in 1999 right next door to Universal Studios to cater for the slightly older guests who like a little more thrill rides as well as keeping the younger ones entertained.

If you are after an action packed day out this park will not disappoint. For the older people rides like Dragons Challenge, Incredible Hulk, Doctor Dooms fearfall, Amazing adventures of Spiderman and the new Harry Potter Land await. For the younger members of the family you have Toon Lagoon, Popeye and Blutos Bilge Barges & Jurrasic Park to name a few.

What is really impressive about Islands of Adventure is the fact that everything is themed, right down to t...

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